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11 Year Old Punch

Posted at June 9th, 2011 in Assault, Juvenile Defense Lawyer, Juvenile Offenses

Parents take their child to school daily to receive knowledge. It’s pretty much the same routine day by day, week by week. A child goes to school, attends classes, has a recess and gets backs to studying.  It’s common for teachers to ask their student to do something and for the student to obey. That was not the case in Adelanto, California. A teacher was attacked at a community day school and her attacker was her own student. The boy, who is 11 years old, is accused of punching his fifth grade teacher in the nose, causing it to break. Currently, the boy is in juvenile hall and is under investigation for assault. A criminal defense attorney could be present as the boy is being questioned for the assault on his teacher. There is no excuse for assaulting a teacher but the fact that the boy is only 11 years old must be taken into consideration. A criminal defense attorney is aware that these accusations can be taken out of context without explanation. Criminal defense lawyers will be an efficient partner for the 11 year old boy. It is clear that the juvenile harmed his teacher and maybe it would be in the defenses best interest to negotiate a plea with the prosecution.

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