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Home Invasion is commonly defined as the illegal entry of an individual into an occupied home, business or residence with the intent of robbery or another crime. If you or a loved one has been charged with home invasion, the consequences of conviction may be devastating. Home invasion charges are considered very malicious and are therefore prosecuting quite aggressively. Since the simple threat of using force against the resident of the home is sufficient evidence to be charged with this crime, it is vital to contact an experienced home invasion attorney immediately so that your defense may be put together properly from the outset. If you or someone you know has been charged, it is imperative you obtain help and speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney that will property and skillfully represent you throughout the criminal process.

Because home invasion is considered a high level felony, the consequences of being convicted of this crime almost always include imprisonment. A skilled home invasion lawyer or criminal attorney may be able to have this felony reduced to a misdemeanor. If the crime is reduced to a misdemeanor, the potential consequences may consist of significant fines, including compensation to the victims for damages or losses, court ordered counseling, house arrest, community service, probation or parole. In many states, home invasion may also be punishable through the burglary statute, since burglaries committed while the occupants are in attendance are identified as home invasion. It is through a strong and well-developed defense by your criminal defense lawyer, that the outcome of a case can be improved.

The consequences and possible conviction of a home invasion charge depend on several factors, including the defendant's prior convictions, severity of injuries caused, the use of a weapon, and other mitigating circumstances. Therefore, there are a number of defenses a home invasion attorney can utilize when fighting your case. Proving factual innocence, including authority to be on the property, therefore proving the crime of home invasion by definition did not take place, is one plausible defense of an attorney. Claiming insufficient evidence or proving that there was not a guilty intent during the invasion of the residence can also be used to reduce the severity of the charges.

In trial, a prosecutor must prove that the defendant is guilty of home invasion beyond a reasonable doubt. Proving that the defendant entered someone else’s dwelling is the first step in the prosecution process. The next step in the prosecution’s case is to prove that the defendant knew someone was present when the defendant entered the property, and that the defendant then remained inside after knowing of their presence. This element is difficult for a prosecutor to prove if the criminal defense attorney prepared the defense properly. Usually someone breaks into a home or place of business without knowing if anyone is present. A good home invasion lawyer or criminal attorney would look into every aspect of the case, and attack the prosecution’s arguments regarding the defendant’s mental state. Our criminal defense lawyers investigate the case on every level. We strive to prove our clients are innocent. If our clients are not innocent, we strive to ensure that they receive a just punishment that fits the crime. Please contact our criminal law firm immediately for a FREE consultation to speak with a staff member who can review your options with you.

You have options. A skilled home invasion lawyer can work to improve the outcome of your case. Gathering documentation of the defendant's good character, including reference letters, employment history and community service will work towards minimizing the consequences. Early preparation, legal research, defense identification and case investigation are just some of the tactics we use to defend our clients who are accused of home invasion. Our criminal attorneys will work to reduce or eliminate bail requirements, provide emotional support and provide vigorous and aggressive defense every step of the way.

If you or a loved one have been charged with home invasion, it is important to know what your legal rights are. The sooner we begin looking into the specific facts of your case, the more time we have to build a solid legal defense on your behalf.

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