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All defendants have a right to a competent criminal lawyer, and our Iowa criminal defense lawyers understand this. If you’ve been charged with a crime in the state of Iowa, expect the prosecution to be tough and aggressive. It’s best not to try to figure everything out by yourself, and you don’t want to find just any mediocre criminal lawyer. Even an innocent person could be wrongfully convicted if his criminal defense attorney isn’t competent, skillful and aggressive.

It’s important to have a criminal lawyer who isn’t afraid to stand up to the prosecution and to fight back. Whether you’re guilty or innocent, you have the right to an attorney and you should exercise that right. We will work hard to prevent you from becoming railroaded by the criminal system. We know the toll that having charges filed against you can place on an individual and a family. Our criminal lawyers work hard to have charges dismissed or reduced. We’ve even been able to stop charges from being filed in the first place. Just because you’re innocent, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your charges will be dropped. And unfortunately sometimes people still judge others who’ve been charged with a crime, even if they haven’t yet been convicted and that’s why we’ll work hard to prevent the charges from being filed in the first place.

So if you suspect that the police will be confronting you soon or that someone’s going to accuse you of a crime, hire an Iowa criminal defense attorney immediately. It doesn’t matter if the charges are related to sex crimes, theft crimes or computer crimes — our criminal defense attorneys will work for you during the pre-file investigation stage to ensure you are protected from the start.

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  • Client Accused of Embezzlement of Over $200,000.00
    Case DISMISSED after 18 month probation.
  • Juvenile Client Charged w/Terrorist Threats & Knife On School Campus
  • Client Charged With Drunk Driving w/ Accident & Probation Violation
    All Charges DROPPED.
  • Client Facing 720 Days for Felony Probation Violation
  • Client Charged With Sexual Assault
    Case DISMISSED at first court date.
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  • Thank you for all your time & caring. Your firm, I feel is a godsend to me.

    Tyrone J.
  • Because of your law firm, my son got passionate representation, and now he will be home with us for Christmas. You saved us!

    Penny A.
  • My husband has been railroaded by the system his whole life. Finally we hired a firm that wasn’t afraid to actually fight for him.

    Maria R.
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