Criminal Defense Lawyers Handling Juvenile Theft Charges

In most jurisdictions, theft is defined as the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of others. Examples of juvenile theft would include stealing items from a department store, taking property from another person at school, or even taking money from one’s parents. Theft is a serious felony that can carry severe penalties for juveniles. We understand that when it comes to juvenile cases, a young one’s entire future is hanging in the balance – a lot is at stake. It is important that your juvenile attorney is thinking of your long term plans and goals, and is concerned with more than the possible immediate repercussions that may result from your juvenile case.

Juveniles facing theft charges often come from different backgrounds. Many come from broken homes, low income families, or abusive home lives. It is easy to understand why many turn to stealing and delinquent behavior for extra money, or even merely for attention. We believe that juvenile offenders always deserve a second chance in life. We are all capable of making poor decisions on occasion. Our juvenile theft lawyers will aggressively fight for your right to a second chance at getting all the opportunities that are available to those who have a clean criminal record, and for those who don’t.

If you have been accused of juvenile theft, or have been contacted by the police but have not yet been charged with juvenile theft, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. It is possible in some circumstances that we may be able to prevent charges from being filed against you. Time is crucial in these cases and the sooner we are able to get involved the better your chances of avoiding charges will be. We have been able to prevent charges in many cases by ensuring a solution to the situation that needn’t involve a juvenile courtroom. Juvenile theft crimes typically leave only financial losses which can be easily recouped or repaid. It is often in the victim’s best interest to solve the matter out of court. If the accused is put in jail it makes it difficult for restitution to occur and recouping losses is the most important part of resolving the issue.

If you have been charged with juvenile theft, the most important first step is securing a strong defense for your case. We understand that facing criminal charges is one of the most stressful experiences you have likely been through. You have assuredly been wondering what will happen in your or your loved one’s future as a result of these charges. A criminal history can dash any hopes of admission to universities or colleges, scholarships, equal employment opportunities, graduating high school, etc. Securing a strong criminal defense is the most important key to your future.

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  • Client Accused of Embezzlement of Over $200,000.00
    Case DISMISSED after 18 month probation.
  • Juvenile Client Charged w/Terrorist Threats & Knife On School Campus
  • Client Charged With Drunk Driving w/ Accident & Probation Violation
    All Charges DROPPED.
  • Client Facing 720 Days for Felony Probation Violation
  • Client Charged With Sexual Assault
    Case DISMISSED at first court date.
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